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Top 10 Reasons to Learn English | LTC

There are lots of reasons why learning English in the UK is a great idea. The English language can be a struggle for many people to learn but finding the right location to learn English can make a huge difference for your studies. In the below article we have compiled some of the top reasons to learn English, and why you should choose to study in the UK.

English is one of the Most Commonly Spoken Language in the World:

English is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world! How many times have you been to a different country only to communicate in English? Or think about how many times you have communicated with non-native speakers in English? English really is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world and by learning English you can experience the following benefits:

Make more Friends all Over the World

When you can speak and understand one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world you can communicate with more people. Learning English will help you to make friends with English native speakers and people around the world who have learnt the language. Lots of people have decided to learn English for a various number of reasons and communicating with foreign people is one of them. There is an estimated 1.5billion people who can speak English. This doesn’t mean that they are native speakers but most of them have learnt it at some point in their life.

English Makes Traveling Easier

When you have a second language under your belt it makes traveling a whole lot easier. With transport and air travel getting cheaper and cheaper, more and more people are deciding to travel in their spare time. You will find that in most countries at least some of the people will be able to speak English, this is especially true if the country has lots of tourists that visit. If you decide to learn English in the UK, then communicating when traveling becomes a breeze. Most people have probably gone through some English language learning at some point in their life, whether it’s in school or privately.

English has a Simple Alphabet:

English, unlike some of the other more widely spoken languages such as Mandarin, has a simple alphabet. Some of the main benefits of English’s simple alphabet include:

It’s Easier to Read and Write

Learning English can sometimes be hard and when it’s your first time trying to read and write it can be daunting. Looking at the sentences and words that look like gibberish can be very frustrating, but most of the time, the letters are pronounced the same way, like most alphabets that have the same characters. Most people don’t find it too hard once they get to grips with how the English language alphabet is pronounced and read. You can improve your reading and writing skills by doing activities such as: watching English movies, reading English books and just conversing with other English speakers.

Similarity to Other Alphabets

There are lots of similar alphabets in different countries that resemble the English alphabet. Some of the alphabets that closely resemble the English alphabet have variations to some of the letters. Most of the time, the alphabets stay the same but different words and pronunciations come into play. The similarity of the English language’s alphabet to other language’s alphabet does make English an easier language to learn for some. But you do need to understand that just because you can pronounce the letters of the alphabet in English, it doesn’t mean the reading and translating of words will be any easier. When the letters come together there can be some harsh rules that are situational to the context and the word, and often which don’t make much sense.

English can be your Career Gateway:

English is a fantastic language to learn if you are looking to benefit your career. Much of the world’s business communication is in English and by studying the language, you can be a part of those conversations!

English communication increases income

If you can speak English, then it’s very beneficial for your career because of the amount of jobs that are present in English speaking countries. It’s not just that there are jobs available in English speaking countries, but they are well paid jobs too. Even if you aren’t working in an English-speaking country it will benefit your personal statement for any career you choose. Employers love seeing someone who is bi-lingual, as it presents an opportunity for a company to branch out to people speaking that language if needed.

Good Influence on Personal Statement

The English language can have a big impact on anyone’s personal statements. Being bi-lingual can also help you to make more connections with people who can assist with your career. Learning English in the UK can be a good gateway to help build connections and build friendships over time that can benefit you later. Good contacts can be essential to career progression and that’s why being able to communicate with a broader range of people is one of the top reasons to learn English in the UK.

English University Access:

England has some of the best universities in the world. And as you would have guessed, you need to know English in order to attend one of these universities. Not only will learning English help you to get to one of England’s many universities, but it will be essential to learn English to enrol at pretty much any university in an English speaking country.

Better chance of Acceptance to an English University

If you have studied the English language, then English universities can offer you a spot if you qualify. For some universities, your English will need to be of the highest standard; whereas other universities may be a bit more relaxed. Picking the UK to learn English would look great to universities because they can roughly gauge the standard and reliability of your English studies. Almost every English university requires you to know English, and to know it at a standard where you can write a dissertation to a high level.

English Universities have well Respected Qualifications

Most English universities have qualifications that are highly regarded all over the world. So being able to get into one of these universities is a must for some people. Having a qualification from an English University can help your career progress and can also help you to develop better English language skills along the way.  Some English language Universities require their international applicants to take a test before attending, just to make sure that their English is at a good standard.

English is the Language of the Web:

It’s no surprise! The internet and technology in general has been through somewhat of a boom over the last 20 years or so. And what has been the language of choice during this boom? English of course!

Most Entertainment and Media is in English

It just so happens that the entertainment industry flourished in America, one of the largest English speaking countries. This is where movie and music pop culture spread around the world and has been thriving ever since the early 20th century, when the first films began to be made. Followed by the recording of music later. The English language has been a great influence in media and has probably contributed more than any other language.

Get more from Pop Culture

Pop culture is growing faster than ever with our connected society, and since most of the web is in English, this translates over to pop culture. Learning English will help you to understand more pop culture meaning and references. Expanding your vocabulary can help you to understand and absorb more information relating to popular culture. There are no other languages that have dominated pop culture quite like English has.

English will increase your cultural awareness:

As we’ve already covered, English is a fantastic language to learn for various different reasons! But, by learning English you could also be increasing your cultural awareness!

More travel means more culture

If you travel around the world you can indulge in more culture than ever before. Learning English gives you the tools necessary to speak to others around the world. Most countries will have English speakers who can communicate with tourists, and the people who talk to the tourists will often have the most information about the countries culture.

More Culture can make you more knowledgeable

There are lots of different English-speaking countries out there for you to study in. England is one of the most reputable for having great schools with well-educated teachers. There’s lots of rich culture in England and you can experience it when studying here. If you are unsure on where to go and study English, then England has great facilities and a strong education system. England has some great places to visit such as: Stonehenge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and Parliament just to name a few.

English communication gives power and influence:

By now, you probably have no doubt about how beneficial learning the English language can be! But how exactly can learning English help to increase your influence and power?

English countries are some of the most powerful in the world

England and America have some of the most powerful governments in the world. Since the countries are so developed, they have lots of economic advancements. Learning English will give you a better opportunity to enter these countries and take full advantage if you are looking to further your career. Having a qualification from an English-speaking country is also very beneficial.

Live in a new Country as you learn a second language:

One of the best ways to study English is to study in a country where they natively speak the language! An even better way of learning English is by living in a country which speaks the language.

Learn about the: people, culture and lifestyle

There are lots of great places that you can go to within the UK to study. Depending on where you travel to, the people, culture and lifestyle will change. An example would be if you were in the countryside you would have better scenery, community and wildlife. Whereas, in the city you will get busy and condensed streets, lack of community and lots of dull concrete buildings. There is no way of knowing which one is the right place for you, so be sure to do your research before deciding.

You’ll get a wider access to knowledge:

As we’ve already covered, English is a highly influential language, and by studying English you can gain a wider access to knowledge.

Lots of information is written in English

There have been some very intelligent people that have come from around the world, and many of these people have been from English speaking countries. English is now the chosen language for much of the world’s research! Many university papers, research and books are written exclusively in English by scholars. Learning English can give you access to their writings and can give you the right steps to understand them.

Reading and Speaking in English can broaden your knowledge

There is so much to learn from the English language and what is has to offer. There is lots of great and informative literature in English that can help broaden your knowledge. Broadening your knowledge is one of the top reasons to learn English. Many English language courses will give you a good step in the right direction to understand difficult to read literature. If you’re stuck on the decision on whether to learn English or not, maybe this point will convince some people out there.

Should you learn English in the UK?

The English language is one of the most wide spread languages in the world, with over a billion people being able to communicate In English in some form or another. Learning English in the UK is great and can come with lots of benefits, but it can also have some downsides too. One of the downsides is that you’ll only experience the English culture.

Is English the only language that you should learn?

Although English is an incredibly powerful and influential language, should English really be the only language that you learn? Well, although English is highly influential and used all over the world, it isn’t actually the most widely spoken language out there. Mandarin is in fact the most widely spoken language worldwide with more than 1 billion speakers.

Does this mean that you should be learning Mandarin instead of English? Well, that will all depend on your reason for studying a language as well as the audience you are hoping to communicate with. If you are hoping to communicate better with an Asian audience, then learning Mandarin may be of more benefit. However, if you’re looking to improve your communication skills for an upcoming trip to Europe, then learning English will probably be of more benefit.

 If you need any more convincing on why English is the perfect language to learn then why not get in touch today. LTC are a leading English language school in Eastbourne providing English language courses for various ages and abilities. You can get in touch by using our Contact Form, by emailing us at: or by calling us on 01323 727755, and a helpful member of our team will be happy to assist. Discover the top reasons to learn English with LTC today…

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