What to bring with you when you study abroad

For many students, coming to LTC is the first and maybe only time that they will study English abroad. Because it is such a new experience, lots of students don’t know what they should bring with them, and that’s where this post comes in! Here are some dos and don’ts for things to bring with you when you study abroad.



Do bring a journal or diary to keep track of all of your travels and to write about your experiences and adventures. A physical journal may seem a little bit old-fashioned, but on a long train journey or flight, it will be much nicer to have a notebook than it would be to have to get out an iPad or laptop every time you want to write something down.

Do bring a notebook and pen or pencil. You are going abroad to study English after all! Other school supplies like a folder for your assignments and a backpack or satchel that can take you from host family home to school to nights out and back again will be very important.

Do bring some small gifts from your home country to give to your host family and teachers before you leave – if they are from the region where you are from, even better.



Don’t lose track of your important documents! Most important of all is your passport, but things like your tickets, credit card, cash, and your new address written down on a piece of paper are things that you should never misplace and may even need at the airport or before you get to your new host home.

Don’t bring too much from home. A few pictures of your family and friends, digital copies of your favourite TV shows or films, and your childhood stuffed toy? Sure! But don’t fill your suitcase with reminders of home. Step outside of your comfort zone by making sure you can’t stay home every evening feeling homesick while watching TV from your home country on your laptop.

Don’t bring the basics – you can easily find common toiletries like shampoo, deodorant, lotion and toothpaste at shops in the UK. If you do want to bring a small travel size of something important like deodorant, make sure you put it in your hand luggage so that you can easily access it on the plane.

BONUS TIP: Do bring a serious waterproof jacket or raincoat – it is England, after all. One with insulation will be even better, even if your study experience is planned for the summer time. A trench coat or parka will come in handy, and while you could buy one in the UK, it will most likely be more cost- effective to bring it with you. Don’t forget the waterproof shoes while you’re at it.


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