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Why is learning English important? Well, English is the third largest language spoken by native speakers worldwide and the most popular second language there is. As such, the Importance of Learning English is only really comparable to learning Spanish or Mandarin, the first and second largest languages by native speakers worldwide.

English has been around for a long time, just look at our evolution of English blog post. With a history spanning more than 1500 years we can be confident that the English language will still be in use for centuries to come.

So why is learning English so important? Why learn English and not another language? Well, although English is only the 3rd largest language spoken worldwide, it is the second largest language in terms of both native speakers and those who use it as a second language. English is also the most popular language when it comes to business, with many leading international organisations using it as their official language.

Our below 10 reasons to learn English explores exactly why the English Language is so important.

10 Reasons To Learn English

  1. English is the second most popular language worldwide, in terms of native and foreign speakers, and the most popular language when it comes to use in business. This reason alone should persuade you to start asking “how fast you can learn English” rather than “why study English”!


  1. English has become the language of communication, or at least the language of digital communication. A vast percentage of the world’s website’s, software’s and operating systems are built in languages developed from English. Therefore, if you are conducting business online and dealing with people outside of your country, English will help to the maximum extent.


  1. English is an official language of both NATO and the UN, as well as more than 30 other significant international and regional organisations.


  1. By learning English you will be able to communicate with a huge amount of people. English is the second largest language in terms of both native speakers and those who use it as a second language, so the importance of English is unparalleled


  1. With 54 countries using English as an official language, the opportunities to work in other countries will open drastically.


  1. With English being spoken in so many countries worldwide, there are numerous schools across the globe offering English programmes and courses. Just look at our English Courses in Eastbourne.


  1. English is based on a small and simple alphabet, and its comparatively easy when looking at other alphabets such as Mandarin or Arabic.


  1. Not only is English the international language of business and technology, but it is also the international language of the arts and science industries as well. So, if you are looking to enter either the scientific or arts industries, then English will be incredibly beneficial.


  1. Another great reason for learning English would be how easy it is to learn compared with say, Mandarin, the world’s most widely spoken language in terms of native and foreign speakers. In fact, a study proves that English speakers listen with only half their minds on the job, whereas the Chinese need both sides of the brain to fully understand the challenges of Mandarin.


  1. Finally, if the above reasons weren’t enough to demonstrate the importance of English, then how about broadening your studying horizons? Many universities and schools worldwide are offering an increasing number of courses taught exclusively in English. In order to take advantage of a number of study opportunities and courses, English will be a necessity.

The Importance Of English

If the above 10 reasons haven’t helped you to understand the importance of learning the English Language, then who knows what will! English is incredibly important for a whole range of reasons! Whether you plan to conduct business internationally, develop a career in the technology, science or arts industries, or simply want to make friends all over the world, English skills will be an incredibly beneficial asset!

If you are looking to develop your English skills further, or perhaps you have very little previous English experience and would like to develop a basic understanding, then LTC is your solution! LTC offer a selection of English Courses in Eastbourne, helping students to develop their English Language skills while in an authentic English-speaking environment. Discover more about our courses and the importance of English today…

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